Let’s Move Louisiana Forward, Together


Mandie’s Priorities

Mandie believes that having healthy people with access to quality education should be our state's foremost goal. She will work hard in the legislature to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equitably, and that every child in Louisiana has a chance to succeed.


Expand Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care:

Mandie believes that health care is a right, not a privilege, and will strive to ensure that underserved communities, women, and children have access to the comprehensive care they need. She will also fight to ensure that the fundamental right to bodily autonomy is protected, including the right to access all reproductive choices.


Stand Up for Our Teachers and Children:

Mandie will push to make sure that our state properly invests in teachers and schools, and to advocate for increased funding for early childhood education. All children deserve a chance to succeed; with so many children living in poverty in this state, it is important that they each have access to a good education at every stage of their lives. Mandie will work to ensure that the state's recent investments in teacher pay and early childhood education continue, and that even more students and families are better served by our school system.


Ensuring a Fair, Livable Wage and Affordable Housing:

Mandie strongly believes that everyone who works should earn a living wage - enough to support the individual and their family. With costs escalating so rapidly in New Orleans, Mandie believes that it is important to raise wages and increase affordable housing, so that we do not lose any more of our most prized possession: our New Orleans residents.


Reform the Criminal Justice System:

Recent progress in our criminal justice system has been remarkable, but Louisiana still has a long way to go in reforming the system. Mandie will work hard to ensure that every citizen is treated fairly and equitably, and that continued progress is made on reform, including addressing inequities in bail and pretrial detention.