Join the campaign for District 91, Louisiana House of Representatives


Let’s Move Louisiana Forward, Together


Expand Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care: 

Mandie knows that health care is a right, not a privilege, and will fight so that underserved communities, women, and children have access to the comprehensive care they need.


Stand Up for Our Teachers and Children: 

Mandie will fight for our state to properly invest in our teachers and schools, and to advocate for increased funding for early childhood education.


Equal Pay for Equal Work: 

Mandie believes fair wages and strong communities go hand in hand. Ensuring equal pay for equal work means that all working people will have a chance to build a strong financial foundation and provide for their families.


Reform the Criminal Justice System: 

Recent progress in our criminal justice system has been remarkable, but Louisiana still has a long way to go in reforming the system. Mandie will fight to ensure that every citizen is treated fairly and equitably.