Gun Violence Prevention Group Names Mandie Landry a Candidate of Distinction


NEW ORLEANS-- Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a grassroots organization focused on preventing and ending gun violence, has awarded state representative District 91 candidate Mandie Landry the 2019 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. Landry advocates for creating sensible gun laws on a state and federal level, and says she will fight for these laws if elected.

“We can do better,” Landry says. “There have been too many lives lost in New Orleans and in this country because of lax or non-existent gun laws. It’s time for legislators to stand up to the gun lobby, pass sensible laws, and help prevent gun violence.”

Landry points out one place to start would be closing the loophole on universal background checks for gun sales. Under current federal laws, unlicensed sellers are exempt from performing background checks before selling a firearm, making it much easier for criminals and gun traffickers to acquire them. Landry says the Louisiana Legislature could close the loophole on a state level just as many other states already have. 

“An overwhelming majority of people support universal background checks with no exceptions, because the background checks will save lives,” Landry says. “We can get this done and our people deserve it.”

Moms Demand Action will be holding a rally to support funding for gun violence research at the Ogden Library this Saturday, August 17 at 11 am. Landry plans on attending.  

Mandie Landry